Open door review

Dear reader of the ODR-4,

We really like to welcome you to the online edition of the open door review of outcome and process studies in psychoanalysis!

The three previous print editions of the open door review, the last in the year 2015, have been considerable successes. We hope that with this new web edition with the expert support by Simon Arnold we continue the idea of the ODR as a compendium of abstracts and summaries that shows the great diversity of the contemporary psychoanalytic research.

We have also made some slight changes in our focus. Our policy was guided by the idea that the main addressees are the clinicians of psychoanalysis that should be encouraged to sift through the growing bulk of outcome and process studies that have been carried out during the last decade. Although the focus of the open door review remains on process and outcome research in psychoanalysis, we would like to pronounce that contemporary psychoanalysis research cannot be restricted to these two domains. So, we have broaden our scope.

We like to grasp the advantages of this web-based publication to change the OPEN DOOR REVIEW in a more work-in-progress-way. So we really encourage researchers from all over the world to contact us, if they wish to contribute with new extended abstracts. From now on these can be easily added and outdated contributions may have to be deleted.

We also would like to announce that our colleague, Peter Lilliengren from the University College Stockholm collected all RCT studies in the psychodynamic field. If you are interested, here is the link:

Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Simon Arnold & Horst K├Ąchele

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